Three for three

Congratulations to my former doctoral student, Iddisah Sulemana, a Lecturer of Economics at the Ghana Institute of Management & Public Administration. He just received notification that his paper, “Environmental Kuznets Curves for Air Pollution in African and Developed Countries: Exploring Turning Point Incomes and the Role of Democracy,” has just been accepted for publication in the Journal of Environmental Economics and Policy. This is the third paper from his three-essay dissertation to be published. His dissertation essay, “Perceived Socioeconomic Status as a Predictor of Environmental Concern in African and Developed Countries,” was published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology. His other dissertation essay, “Perceived Environmental Quality and Subjective Well-being: Are African Countries Different from Developed Countries?” was published in the International Journal of Happiness and Development.


Author: Harvey James

Professor, Agricultural and Applied Economics, University of Missouri Editor-in-chief, Agriculture and Human Values

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